Rain yesterday / Water scheduled today

My location had heavy, heavy rain yesterday for most of the morning (01880). Yet today my watering scheduled today. My schedule is set up for every 3 days, with intelligence, budgeting and smart cycle turned on. Now the next couple of days are forecast to be 10% or less chance of rain. I feel the today’s watering was wasted and should have been skip and the next watering pushed to the 31st instead of the currently scheduled 1st. I’d like to see the schedule be flexible in moving around the watering days and not just fixed to the every 3 days currently scheduled.

I looked into our database, and unfortunately, this seems to be an instance of our weather service being flat-out wrong. Please accept my apologies–I’ve personally been researching alternatives to our current service, and this is a good argument in favor of us making a change.

As for schedule flexibility, our schedules are currently pretty rigid, to make sure that folks with mandatory watering restrictions don’t get into trouble. But, I agree that this would be a neat feature. We’ll look into it.

Thanks for looking into it. I’d suggest that schedule flexibility should be an option that we could turn on and off. That way if someone is under watering restrictions they can be in compliance. I’d love see the schedule flexibility, both in day and time. I’m all for giving the Iro complete control to adjust the schedule to water my lawn as efficiently as possible, as long as it gets it right. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe even allow us to give the Iro feed back on how healthy or stressed the lawn is so it can make adjustments to its decisions.

Also and plus keep up the great work!!!

Experienced similar in Fort Collins last week with the 2-3 days of heavy rain. Iro skipped watering when rain was predicted…but then when no rain was predicted started watering again despite the ground still being quite wet.

Sorry for the extra water @Latz‌ , we’re working right now on making our weather intelligence look further back & forward. Expect to see the updates soon.

I think more dynamically scheduling would be best. So that if it rained, it would water up to the amount of water that is required if it didn’t rain enough. And if it rained too much then it wouldn’t water at all. Also taking in to consideration the temperature, wind, and whatever other variables are needed. Then adjusting the schedule to meet the required watering needs.

@jeremyshultz‌ Thanks for the feedback, we are reworking our models to get closer to the behavior you describe above. Thanks again for the feedback!

@coslor It looks like the weather service blew it again. I had a watering cycle this morning at 5a when rain is predicted all day today. It was pouring out when I got up at 6:30a. What is going on here? Is the IRO just getting bad data on which it basing it decisions on?

@boettcht‌ , it looks like you turned off Weather Intelligence on that watering rule on July 31, which is why the Iro went ahead and watered today. Turn it back on, and you should see better results.

I just took a look at that and saw that smart cycle, water budgeting & weather intelligence were all turned off. I didn’t turn them off & I’m not sure how they got turned off, although I suspect the update to ver. 1.5 did it, my app update history shows that Rachio was updated on that day.

I just turned them all back on.

Thanks for looking into it.

@coslor, It looks like WI failed again this morning. In my history on Aug. 19th I have an entry stating all Zones was not skipped for WI, since the prediction was 0 inches… Today I did not receive a WI message it rained over night and was actively raining when the system was watering. I double checked the water time & WI is still on. So I’m not sure what is going.


@boettcht‌ Our new weather services API integration was released early this morning. I am going to have the team look at our logs and see if there is any calibration that needs to be done or a simple scheduling skip defect in your particular case. We will get back to you first thing in regards to that. We really appreciate the feedback.

@boettcht‌ @coslor‌ We did a lot of research around this today. From what we are seeing the weather data did not have any precipitation which is obviously wrong. We have opened a support ticket up with our weather provider and will let you know what comes about from this. Thanks for your patience.

@franz @coslor Thanks for looking into it. Also do you know why there is no entry in my watering history about WI’s decision? ie: Not skipped due to 0" predicted?

@boettcht‌ Yes, the weather service API yesterday was having intermittent failures which affected our schedule skip processing. We have been assured these issues have been resolved. As soon as we hear back on your specific location will let you know if those same intermittent failures affected your localized weather retrieval.

I checked my history log this morning and I didn’t have a WI check at the start of todays run. Granted, it needed the water but the normal WI check didn’t happen or it didn’t record it in the history. Thoughts?

@conrad314‌ Did some research into this and opened a support ticket with our weather service provider regarding the data we are receiving (or in this case not receiving). This should all be resolved tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback, this will be resolved ASAP. Looks like there are still a limited number of schedules we are not receiving enough data for.

Thanks franz!

@franz. Update: had a scheduled watering today (needed & expected) and there is a WI entry in my history. (Prediction of 0").

@boettcht‌ @conrad314‌ Ok great, I believe we have fixed the majority of schedules being processed due to data, I saw a lot of schedules being skipped this morning which is a great feeling considering how much water we saved :slight_smile: It looks like we still had a few schedules this morning that did not get processed but all of those should be resolved today. Thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming and let us know if you have any other concerns or questions.