Rain under threshold, adjust watering?

We recently had rain here last night but it was 0.24" and from what I understand the threshold for skipping a zone is 0.25" so as you can see we missed it by 0.01" and the zone was watered as scheduled (using flex scheduling).

Does the Iro take the under threshold rain into account and water less than it would’ve (say the amount minus 0.24")? Or does it just water whatever amount of water was originally scheduled prior to under threshold rain event?

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Looking at your moisture graph and details, recorded precipitation was 0 for yesterday, and .04 in. for today.

Looks like you are using a national weather station. Not knowing how far away it is, I might recommend a PWS that is closer…


Hope this helps.


Sorry, I should’ve been a little clearer. I was asking about a friends Rachio. He lives approximately 20 miles east of me and he was the one whose weather station recorded 0.24" of rain. Either way though, I believe this answers the question.

My logic seems to be correct that if the rain doesn’t fill the moisture balance to the level needed then the irrigation will run the zone but it will need less water as the precipitation helped “refill” the moisture balance. Can you confirm my thinking is correct and Iro is using the same logic?

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Yes, even with precipitation if the zone will be depleted on that day, the schedule will run :wink:

While I’m here, I’m going to plug our new simpler scheduling coming out very very soon.


@byrtch, Flex schedule durations do not change; only the interval in which they water. On a zone by zone basis, the schedule is delay (not skipped) until the moisture balance matches the allowed depletion. On the graph above, this is the orange line.

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