Rain Skip vs Climate skip problem

I am getting alerts that a “rain skip” has occurred for what is really a “climate skip” reason. The schedule is set to ignore climate skips, but it is honoring them anyway. See screen shot of email and app settings.

Hey @mclancy-

I looks like you are receiving the correct email for rain skip- it checks 24 hours before and after for precipitation!

McKynzee :rachio:

Yes but the actual rain measured by the PWS in the last 24 hours was 0.0 which is what it says in the email text. The “predicted” which is Climate Skip stuff was 4.74. Which of course is not what actually happened. So the email alert should have said due to a Climate Skip (not Rain) we are not going to water, but since the climate skip was disabled for this schedule it should have watered as I got 0.0 inches of rain in the prior 24 hours. (and not sent an alert as zero inches or rainfall happened and I didn’t want any action taken on prediction)

@mclancy - That’s not how Climate Skip works. As @mckynzee stated this was a Rain Skip event.

Here’s the difference:

Rain Skip - checks one hour before the schedule run time and sees if either of these conditions are true: a) actual rain within the past 24 hours is greater than the skip amount or b) forecasted rain for the next/future 24 hours is greater than the skip amount. If at least one of those conditions is true, then Rachio will perform a Rain Skip. Yes, the forecasted/future rain may not occur.

Climate Skip - an example would be that two days ago it rained enough to fill up the field capacity, and the ET since the rain and the ET forward until the next scheduled watering won’t bring the ground moisture below the allowed depletion level Rachio will perform a Climate Skip. Climate Skip looks backwards and forwards for seven days (I believe in Fixed schedules), compared to one day for Rain Skip.

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How do I set my rachio to ONLY use actually reported rainfall to decide to skip watering? This is what it used to do before I reported this issue.

Hey @mclancy-

Currently the closest solution for what you are looking for is to just enable Rain Skip on your schedule. This will only use rainfall to skip your schedule, but it will use 24 hrs observed and 24 hrs predicted. We do not currently have a feature that only reacts off observed!

McKynzee :rachio: