Rain Skip Threshholds?

Is there a way to change the thresholds for the rain skip?

@mcmillin Yes, these are very configurable.

This article explains how to configure those settings.


Found it. Thanks! Is there a way to adjust the probability threshold? That’s the factor that seems to be throwing me off.

@mcmillin Unfortunately not. This is a tough one since it is made up of different variables, which we don’t see.

But that would be an interesting feature at some point.



I’m somewhat of a novice in all this and am learning. I see the article that you posted, but there are no instructions on how to get to that screen to adjust the rain skip threshold. Is it in the watering schedule, zone configuration, weather station module??


This should help, it is under the watering schedule.


i read that article and I read the sub FAQs, but i don’t see the option in the watering schedule. I deleted the schedule and added another one. I removed my weather station and added it back. I cannot find this either on the iOS app or through the web page. Could this have been removed with the latest update?


What schedule type are you using? If flexible daily, the concept of rain thresholds does not apply :wink:


Ok that makes sense. I’m using flexible daily. Should I manually key in the rain delay then when it rains? I just don’t want to be watering when it is raining or about to rain.


Flexible daily will record precipitation and add it to your zone soil moisture level, (+credit).

If this is enough to offset the evapotranspiration (ET), or -debit, the day it is supposed to run then we push off watering till the next day.

Also, if the forecasted precipitation is enough to offset ET (debit) than we push off watering.

This can all be tracked in the zone soil moisture graphs.

More information on the flexible daily:

You can always set a manual rain delay if you want to pause flex scheduling for an amount of time.