Rain Skip on one zone only?

I have a Gen 2 and run each of my zones in different schedules due to different sun exposures. These are all flex monthly. This morning 2 of my zones were scheduled to water. The one due to start at 3:50 AM was skipped due to rain in previous period. However the schedule set to start at 4:35 AM was not skipped. Any thoughts on why this might of have occurred?


This was an interesting one. It looks like the station you are using (MID_C9516) is no longer reporting data.


When a station is no longer reporting data we fallback to the nearest station (PWS or National depending on your selection). In your case it looks like we fell back to a station that was reporting precip data and probably another one that wasn’t.

I’d start by choosing another station in your area that look it is consistently reporting precip data. I’m also having the engineering team use interpolated data when the primary station fails so things are more deterministic from schedule to schedule. Hope this helps. Here is a list of nearby stations. I’d make sure you check ‘More Info’ to verify that they did report precipitation data yesterday.



Thanks for the info, I had just logged in when your reply posted. Hadn’t thought to check the station as it’s been fairly reliable. Anyway, my WeatherFlow Sky unit is currently in customs approval so I’ll soon have something that I can count on or at least control.

If I interpret your reply correctly, if you do a fall back do you check for each schedule independently and therefor could have gotten two different stations?

Nice! Jealous.

Yes, we send lat/long coordinates into our weather provider and they choose the next closest (mostly) PWS and send results. I looked at a few in your neighborhood (my old stomping grounds, Mayfair :smile:) and got mixed results, some reporting, some not. My working theory is that within an hour or two we received data from two different stations, one with precip and one without. I’m changing our fallback logic to be deterministic and only use interpolated data from now on since at least it will be one source of truth.


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