Rain Skip not working

Yesterday, it poured. The configured personal weather station registered 1.1 in of precipitation over 24 hours and shows I’m forecasted for more. About an hour before my schedule was set to run, I received an email saying that rain skip would skip the schedule. I woke up to find the schedule ran anyway. I’m running a fixed day schedule due to city water ordinances. All of the weather intelligence features are on and so is the smart cycle. There’s a rain sensor hard wired although the sensor is dead right now.

Any ideas on what went wrong? Why did the schedule run when it notified of its cancellation?

Hey @bencask-

After looking into your logs, it looks like you changed your schedule start time slightly after your Rain Skip was applied to your schedule. When Rachio determines your schedule can be skipped due to weather, it sends a “pause” command for a period of time to your controller so the next schedule is skipped. When you got your rain skip notification, the pause was sent to the controller. Then, when you changed your schedule start time slightly, it knocked your start time out of the “paused” time range on your controller. It’s a little complicated, but I hope my description made sense! I would say chances would be very slim you encounter this again, but my best recommendation would be to avoid changing your schedule start time around close to when it’s supposed to run. Let me know if that all makes sense.

McKynzee :rachio: