Rain Skip Not Skipping

My new Rachio 3 controller has failed to use the rain skip feature twice in the last couple of weeks. My controller is set to Flex Monthly and Weather Intelligence Plus is set to look at my backyard weather station which is functioning correctly and connected to the internet. The controller rain skip threshold is set at .125".

This past week I received a notification that my next cycle would be skipped the next day because .27" of rain was forecasted. Great! I opened the app which showed that the scheduled cycle would in fact be skipped.

I wake up the next morning to see that my cycle was not skipped and did run. Also, my weather station recorded .25" of rain, and it was raining while the cycle was running! I had another rain skip notification due to forecasted rain that ended up not skipping the cycle.

What could be wrong with my controller? Is there a setting I may have missed? Thanks for any feedback.

I think its something to do with how rain skip works with Flex Monthly. Flex daily works well with rain skip. I use a rain sensor which bypasses the controller from running until it dries out, instead of a gauge (I’m not sure how gauges handle that but would think it’d be the same).

However, the recent iOS app update this week is no longer showing my rain sensor status so I hope it doesn’t affect the rain skip feature. With that in mind, maybe something new is going on and its causing your rain skip not to function properly, but I think for you its most likely due to flex monthly.

Thanks for the feedback. I will change to Flex Daily and see if it helps.