Rain Skip - Gen 2 vs. Gen 3

I have both a Gen 2 unit and a new Gen 3 unit. I am receiving emails and notifications about rain skips on the Gen 2 unit but do not on the Gen 3 unit. Gen 3 unit is set on the new Weather Network selection instead of picking a specific Weather Station. When I look at the Home screen, it confirms that I have had zero weather intelligence skips.

Why am I able to receiving notifications for weather skips on the Gen 2 unit and not the Gen 3?

Not sure, but I picked a PWS with my Rachio 3. Something you can’t do on the 2 as far as I know. In fact I picked my own Weather Station. Since my Weather station has been reporting to 5 Weather Networks, one of them being The Weather Underground. Mine has been reporting there for years, and so I picked my own. I’ve had a few Wind Skips. Gets to windy and it won’t run. I had 3 Wind Skips last month.

My July usage shows 23h55m time used and 2h16m time saved with 3 Weather Intelligence Skips. It would have been more, but I had to turn off one section as I had a broken sprinkler. I screwed a new one in and it just broke, as least I thought it did. So it just made a big puddle there and the others wouldn’t really work. So I turned it off and manually watered. A couple weeks of that, I dug my hole there and figured out the pipe section right there wasn’t actually glued together!!! I was like “Well, there’s the problem!!!” I had run into this a couple times in fixing the front lawn over the years. The last owners put this system in?!?!

I had wanted to add a couple sprinklers anyway, and since I cut that hole, I went and cut a trench 10" deep down a ways to add 2 more sprinklers. They had installed 2" pop up sprinklers which I think suck. They just don’t go up high enough, so as I fix them, I also move over to 4" Pop up sprinklers. 10" deep is enough to fit in a 4" Sprinkler, but the time you put in a 3/4" pipe, the tee’s, a short connector and the 4" popup Sprinkler. Filled my trench back up. Threw down seed all over and lots of bare areas. added a daily water job for that section. Now my lawn is getting waters much better everywhere. The new grass is popping up all over. A couple more weeks and I can disable that daily watering schedule once the new grass is established. The dirt in the trench will settle back down flat after a while.