Rain Skip but no rain in forecast

The past several days, I’ve been getting Rain Skip notices, saying that “1.68 in predicted rain over 48 hours.” We haven’t had 1.68 inches of rain all winter, and there’s not a drop in the forecast. How can I get my Rachio back on track?

Under controller settings, try selecting another nearby reliable weather station. (This may mean you won’t use WI+ anymore but it’s generally better to use real world data from a nearby station rather than WI+’s estimates). If you don’t have a nearby station, then WI+ is the best one can do.

Selecting a weather station:

Hopefully it isn’t bad luck with a poor forecast for your area!

If so, consider turning off rain skip.

Thanks for the reply.

I have my own WeatherFlow weather station that I’ve linked my Rachio to. When I view my station’s forecast, it seems to agree with other available forecasts, so I’m not sure where Rachio is getting its inaccurate data. :confused:

As an aside, I’m curious how you linked your Rachio to your WeatherFlow. When I looked into this, I learned that Rachio gets weather data from PWSWeather. WeatherFlow integrates only with WUnderground (and WF’s own weather network) and has no plans to integrate with other networks.