Rain Skip based on forecast?

There is NO way that a rain skip should EVER be based on a forecast - I live in Tucson - its 95-105 every day from May 20 - Oct 31 - if we skip a day I can see a plant wilt before my very eyes - even the desert tolerant ones we have in the yard. Especially the citrus.

What schedule are you running? The flex schedules will check 1 hour prior to watering to see if anything has changed. Many times it won’t actually skip.

Also, you can raise the skip threshold. I think the default is .25", which honestly is really low considering your sprinklers might put down double that in a run.

Lastly, what plants do you have that can’t go 1 day without water? My citrus gets 1 really deep watering every 7 days or so in the summer, and they do great. Sometimes the top of the canopy can get physically burned, but no amount of water can stop that…

Thanks - everything - literally everything is on drip - and we still have a $200 water bill.

So from watering perspective 1/8" of an inch of water is prob the equivalent of what the drip provides - nothing is on sprinkler - no grass - etc. its 100 every day on average - its dry - its windy - and the low is 75 - the water needs are high - the citrus gets 30 min of 2 gallons a min - and the ground is dry by 11am.

I’m using a smart cycle complete before dawn so none of it evaps.

In Tucson our rainfall comes from the monsoon - I can have a 70% chance of rain - two blocks away gets 1/2" and I get nothing - you can’t skip in that environment based on a forecast -

Well, I’d be happy with a $200 water bill in the summer! :rofl:

Are you sure your trees are getting 2 gallons per MINUTE and not HOUR?

All joking aside, it isn’t something that you are going to correct overnight, but it sounds like you water VERY frequently, for VERY short runs. For example, my Flex Daily schedule for my citrus runs about every 6-7 days in the summer months, but for over 4 hours at a time, with each tree receiving water from 4-5 2gph emitters. So each tree gets over 40 gallons of water each time.