Rain Skip - allow users to disable using predictions

Users need to be able to disable the use of predicted rain when Rain Skip is applied. This should be simple to do - it appears that you simply look at past rain and future rain and add the two values together so turning one or both of these off should be as easy as setting it equal to zero.

So why do I want this ? Well in Colorado we don’t get a ton of rain, and the rains can be quite localized. Weather predictions of where rains are going to fall is not worth paying attention to so I do not want to use them. As an example my system has employed a Rain Skip 3 straight watering cycles, each Rain Skip was put in place because predicted rains exceeded my threshold. Recent rains in each case did not exceed 0.02" (the PWS I am using is in my backyard and accurate). In each case I had no rain at my home at all on the nights of the Rain Skips. So this means that I need to water my yard in the morning when I get up and realize what has happened. The water police here don’t want us watering past 10AM so this means I need to keep family out of the yard in the morning, I get added evaporation while watering, and I have to do the work I had hoped the Rachio system to use.
I’ve complained about this several times over the years I have had my unit & the only response I have gotten is that my comments will be passed along to the developers. I commented on the iOS App store and was asked to come to this community to work through this, so I am here and will watch for Rachio comments.