Rain Sensor

I have a wired rain sensor installed. Each time it rains I get an immediate message that its raining…but thats followed by a message a few minutes later its stopped raining… Even though it’s still raining outside?
Shouldn’t the sensor wait till its dry? How much rain and how close to next scheduled run is required to cancel the next scheduled run?

The stopped raining message is produced when the rain sensor dries out. The fact you get it this quickly doesn’t sound right, what type and how old is the sensor.

The how much rain questioned is answered by your sensor’s setup. They are almost always adjustable so you need to see what your Manila says for,the various settings.

As far as how close to the next run, doesn’t matter, as long as the circuit is closed (open?) at the time the schedule should run, the iro will skip over it…

@myairplane, good afternoon. Sounds like you might have a dirty rain sensor and/or a wiring issue.

I’d recommend posting here or emailing photos of your current wiring to our support team [support@rachio.com] to start. Assuming your wiring is correct, we can troubleshoot the rain sensor in more detail.

Best, Emil