Rain sensor wiring?

I just installed my Rachio and have everything up and running. The only thing I’m unsure that works is my wired rain sensor. On my old controller besides my 8 zones there was 1 white wire connected to COM. I am assuming this is the rain sensor. When wiring the new Rachio I placed this white wire to C. Is this correct or do I need to move it to a sensor terminal?

Also, my initial zone setup distributed very long watering times. Much longer than I was used to. Is this normal? I am in Dallas and chose silty clay as the soil.

Also in 2 tests it says I’ve used 19 gallons of water. This cannot be right.


I would send pictures of your setup to support@rachio.com, they will get your rain sensor questions answered!

I’d open a new thread with more detail, schedule type used, zone characteristics, etc. Members of the community can help out with that. I know we have a quite a few folks from Texas.

This will help explain water usage.