Rain Sensor Visible Where?

How does the rain sensor work? Where can I see its status?

I just hooked one up and have metered to verify that it is NC and functioning.

Enabled in device settings/advanced and set to rain sensor.

It is open and my Gen2 is not in a rain delay state.

Thanks, Chapin

@Chapin, you can see the rain sensor’s state in your activity feed.

To activate the sensor, you might need to do a quick manual test.

Hope this helps :smile:

Thanks. It’s there and functions.

However, I saturated it and the Gen2 did not go not rain delay. How is rain sensing used by the Rachio? Is there another variable I need to set?

(The links you put in your replies are really helpful!)

Sorry if there is confusion on this topic.

If the rain sensor is activated, any scheduled schedules will be skipped.

It will not show a ‘Rain Delay’ on the app dashboard, although there should be an event in your history stating that the schedule was skipped due to an active rain sensor.

For a future software release we will tie the rain sensor ‘state’ into the dashboard to make this more clear.

Hope that helps.


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Understood, thanks.

So it functions as a rain delay, but the rain delay indicator doesn’t indicate it yet (but will). Got it.