Rain Sensor Status

It would be nice to know whether the rain sensor is triggering. Currently we just have to take it on faith that when it rains it is communicating some useful information to rachio.

@cinrac‌ You will receive a rain delay email. Soon you will be able to view delays and runtimes in your device history.

Did you have a day recently that it rained a lot, your system was scheduled to run and you didn’t receive a rain delay email?

No. I just set it up while it was raining and didn’t get any delays yet, but I don’t water for a few more days.

My rain sensor has threshold settings for when it trips. It would be good to know when the sensor trips to adjust it.

Also I imagine rain delay notifications are based on both the sensor AND location weather data. Without breaking out the continuity tester it would be nice to know the status of the sensor and how it is functioning. Rather than taking it on faith that it is doing something.

@cinrac‌ rain delay notifications are not based on both the sensor and local weather data. Currently they are only based on weather data.

In an upcoming release, we will tie in the wired rain sensor in to give similar feedback in the UI to that of our ‘virtual’ rain sensor.

We will also be releasing a history view of your runtimes and delay events in the upcoming weeks. This will include rain delays.

I hope this helps.

@chris‌ Sounds great. I am looking forward to seeing the feature set keep growing.

The 1.4 mobile release shows a history of all events, including rain sensor detection.