Rain Sensor Setting

On my old controller, my rain sensor was set to dry out about 2 days after rain fall. My rain sensor is adjustable and I reused the rain sensor and kept the same settings. I get the fact that the rain sensor will hold off watering for 2 days after rainfall on the old system. My question is, how does Rachio use this data. Does it just use it to confirm that there has been rain fall? Should I set the rain sensor to the lowest setting? Is there a pro or a con for keeping it set to 2 days? I would suspect that setting it to the lowest setting would work the best but was just checking. I didn’t see this in the FAQ.


Currently we don’t not use the rain sensor data. If it is enabled we do not water, and vice versa. If it was working correctly with your last system (2 days seemed about right for you), then I might just continue with that setting.