Rain Sensor not working

I just installed a gen 1 Rachio and it continues to say that my rain sensor is activated. It doesnt change state when I do the update feed test. I disconnected the sensor from the system and it is NC. When I depress the test switch on top of the hunter sensor it opens as it is supposed to do. I am at a loss as I have to keep manually starting the watering because it won’t see a deactivated sensor. Any ideas as to what is going on? Thanks!

Hey Christopher!
I took a look at your device log and it looks like even though you disconnected the rain sensor, it is still activated within your device settings. To turn this off, go into your mobile app and click on “Device Settings” on the dashboard screen. From here, go to “Advanced” and that is where you can see your sensor inputs. Click on the sensor and in those settings you can disable the sensor. Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!
McKynzee :rachio:

Yeah this morning the rain sensor started working all on its own. I didn’t do anything but get frustrated. It ended up running one of the flex schedules for over 4 hours last night. Don’t know what fixed it but it is working now. Thanks for helping. How did you get my log file by the way?

Running for four hours does not sound like good news- everything is working now? It is really strange that the rain sensor would cause the flex schedule to run for that long…
I looked into your community profile to try to find you in our customer database! From there I was able to look into some of the settings on your device. I like to try to do some research on my end to make sure I answer your question the best that I can :blush: Let me know if you have any more issues or questions!
McKynzee :rachio:

@deckerchevy – from reviewing your device logs, I believe you might have the rain sensor wired improperly. We’re seeing multiple controller reconnects which is usually a sign that there’s a wiring issue. Could you please send a few photos of your wiring to our support team (support@rachio.com) to review?

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I may have been troubleshooting at the time so it could have bad log items. It has been ok for the last two days. If you want to look again at the log and let me know then that would be great.