Rain Sensor not being noticed

Hooked up hardwired Hunter Rain sensor and enabled the setting on the Iro. Iro Does not recognize a test event. Rain sensor worked just fine on the Rainbird it was previously attached to. Suggestions please. (Wires have been switched and checked for correct solid connection into the controller)

Can you send photos to support@rachio.com?

Thanks, they will be able to troubleshoot for you.


Just wanted to let you know we found a defect in the firmware in regards to this (was introduced with our last firmware release).

Setting the rain sensor to ‘enabled’ is not getting persisted on the device correctly.

A workaround is to just power cycle the Iro after enabling this setting. Then it will correctly register and work as normal.

We will put a patch out in the next week or so to fully fix this.

Sorry about the confusion.


Thanks Fixed! I should have known, “When all else fails, Power Cycle”!

Lol, yes that usually fixes it :wink:

when will a firmware update be pushed to fix this?

It’s high on our priority list, some other firmware updates we want to make. I don’t have an exact date yet.

Will post when the fix is out.


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