Rain Sensor Not Activated

I have a Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor hooked up to a gen1 Rachio. It is pouring here in South Jersey and the rain sensor has not sent any notifications it has been activated yet.

Just curious as to what I should be looking at here from a troubleshooting perspective…

@canons900 - How it looks your watering schedule for the coming days?

Hey @canons900-

Did you check in your “Device Updates” feed? This is where you would see the rain sensor activation.

Has this same sensor worked in the past, or is this new? This will help send us down the right troubleshooting path!

McKynzee :rachio:

On that UI note… it would be lovely if the watering feed mentioned the rain sensor being why it stopped watering in the middle of a schedule. :slight_smile:


The sensor worked fine all last season, I noticed it was not working today because of all the rain…

Where is the device update feed on the web app?

Scheduled to water again on the 9th.

@canons900 You will continue to see scheduled waterings, but there is a check before the schedule that will recognize the activated rain sensor. The Device Updates section is near the bottom on the web app dashboard underneath your usage tile!

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I checked the device and the screen on the unit is blank like it’s not getting power. Could this be the battery in the sensor? Or could it be the unit has died or failed in some fashion?

The sensor worked fine last year, the system is running, but according to the faqs, a blank LCD means the unit is not getting power. Is this a Rachio fault then or a fault in the rain sensor? Any way to check the device if I disconnect it from the controller?

It could be either. Rachio provides power to that sensor via the sensor ports.you could check the connections to see if they have a good connection.

To see if the sensor is bad and not the power ports for the sensor, you could plug the power into the mv socket, the other 2 into the common and enable the pump really setting then run any zone to see if the sensor lights up.

What model Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor do you have? [quote=“canons900, post:1, topic:7906”]
Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor

The WR2 bought from amazon.

I have the same model. If the screen is blank, it is not getting power to the receiver.

Disconnected wire! Back in place all seems to be working now!

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Yup, same one I have too.

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