Rain Sensor in conjunction with forecast

I noticed one day the rain sensor was active and then deactivated before a cycle was scheduled to run. Once deactivated the system turned on because the forecast didn’t predict or receive enough rain, however does it make sense that if the rain sensor was activated within the last x hours, that the system would not run? Since weather station are technically not “local” to our house, the sensor would add another input to consider when to/when not to water.

I cant remember a time when my rain sensor tripped, and I wished to run the sprinklers the next day.

I wondered this myself. But if you think about the sensor preventing watering when rainING on a local level not possible to detect from a weather station, and rachio deciding when to water based on history and future weather as well as predicted ground water level, the two don’t need to line up. It could have rained a bunch in the day before the scheduled watering, and enough to trip the sensor which may dry out in time to water. But the ground may still be relatively empty, particularly if its in the sun on a slope with annuals. The goal of the system is a steady state as well, planning out watering to avoid depletion.

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