Rain Sensor Deactived?


Today in my history I received “Rain sensor deactivated.” I am not sure what this mean. It has been raining a lot here and I thought that this might be because the rain sensor no longer detects rain, however those messages appear as “It has stopped raining!” What are the differences between these 2 messages?


We changed “It’s raining” “It has stopped raining” to “Rain sensor activated” “Rain sensor deactivated” to provide clarity.



Perfect. Thank you for the quick response.


At 4am the notification “Rain sensor deactivated” is more difficult for me to interpret than “It’s raining”. I also found simplicity works the best for all applications.



@seanyfly, thanks for your feedback. We changed the notification to avoid conflict with the weather intelligence feature, which is based off of actual rainfall data. Many users found the rain sensor notifications confusing, in particular the deactivated notification as this would usually occur many hours after the rain had stopped and the sensor dried out.

I hope this helps shed some light onto the notification change.

Best, Emil


I like the change. Just a different way of thinking about the rain sensor for me!