Rain sensor attempted to stop final zone, but zone stayed on for 4 hours

Just realized at 8:10am that our zone 4 was still running, I immediately unplugged Rachio to stop watering.

Looks like the rain sensor attempted to stop the watering early which caused confusion?

So zone 4 has been watering for 4 hours in the rain, this probably nullifies any water savings the rain sensor has provided this year.

Any help? Anyone else have this happen?

8 zone Rachio 1 (using 4 zones) and generic wired Orbit rain sensor.

Is the zone still running now, after unplugging?

No, unplugging shut the zone down.

Do you have a master valve?

No master valve.

Updated original post, I thought this was a gen 2, but it is a gen 1, I thought the sensor was a Rainbird but it’s an Orbit. Oops.

@imolazhp I’ll have the engineering team review your account and see if we can identify any issues with the rain sensor interacting with the gen1/cloud platform.


Thanks Franz!

We love our Rachio, this hasn’t really soured our tastes, just want to share so the Rachio team can hopefully ensure other users don’t encounter the same situation. We just got back from an 8 day trip out of town, it would have been really bad if this had happened while we were out of town.


Hi @imolazhp

Thanks for the support! We’ve just release a new FW to Gen1. To ensure you get it, you may want to unplug and replug in your gen1. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Cheers :rachio:!