Rain Sensor activated/ deactivated


Last night my rain sensor kept giving me notifications every hour. It will active and deactive in the same minute. I will do it twice an hour. All through the night. I got up and looked outside and it never rained all night. It was a cold night, but no rain fall at all. It was around. 5:51 am when I got my last notification. I know it’s not a bad sensor cause it’s new and has been working since I bought my system. Any ideas?


This could be a wiring issue. If you can take a picture and send to [support@rachio.com] they will be able to diagnose.




I’m thinking it was due to low temps. The sensor is a rain/ freeze sensor.


Ok, that seems to explain it :wink:



@Raybar12260910, did the sensor give you any issues last night? Depending on the type of sensor you have, you might be able to adjust the temperature at which the freeze point takes place.


I have not had it happen again. I will go up there this weekend and see if I can adjust the temp on the sensor. Thank You.


@Raybar12260910, just curious, were you able to adjust the freeze point on your sensor? If not and the sensor continues to give you trouble, the Weather Intelligence feature has a freeze skip built into it :wink: