Rain pause after rain


Have you considered adding a weather intelligence entry for rain pause AFTER the rain event?
The present rain skip is great but if I get 1" of rain its the same as running all my zones at once yet I see the sprinklers or drip running the next day which makes no sense. Usually I place the system on standby but this could be automatic. Also, standby is not convenient because I have some pots under a covered patio.

I would do it separately from the current rain skip. I suspect most people set the current rain skip at a very low threshold to meet local requirements that ban watering during rain.

A rain pause feature could be something like “if precip > X pause watering for N days”.

The feature you mention is accommodated when using the Flex Daily schedule; it’s one of the main advantages of that schedule, in fact. You may want to consider changing to Flex Daily.