Rain..... or not?

So, I have rain delay on and get the emails and history. What I’d like to see is, the following day is a record of whether it actually rained (rain assumption based on the same data source for the prediction of rain).

If a prediction turns out to be wrong, perhaps it makes sense to add a “fudge” factor to the next prediction given 2 days of an incorrect prediction in 90 degrees starts to really damage the flowers etc.,

Also, how local is the source of the prediction? Here in Atlanta, it can rain 1 mile away from me but not actually rain where I am. I think Rachio would do good to sell/recommend a real rain sensor that creates a grid system of rain “actuals” into their cloud database (i.e. in my neighborhood, only 1 of us needs that sensor if it’s sensor is shared with all others in my neighborhood).

Yeah a good feature would be to allow customers with rain sensors to “share” their rain sensor with all Iros, and then customers could use the app to show rain sensors that are near then, and they could select one of those, or maybe a couple as fallbacks.

I had asked about this EXACT thing a couple months back.

kev d now that is a good idea.I would put in a rain senser just to help out.

Hey everyone, more control over our virtual rain sensor will be coming in our next mobile release. Stay tuned.

Awesome idea on the sharing of the physical rain sensor.

I just installed the Orbit wireless rain sensor last night. We do expect rain today through Saturday, so it will be a good test to see if it works and if have it installed/configured correctly. I would definitely be happy to ‘share’ my sensor data.

Any more “update” on this idea?

Going through the Rachio app’s History I see days where scheduled water days were skipped due to anticipated precipitation from nearby weather stations. I do not see anything so far that the scheduled water day was skipped due to the Orbit rain sensor indicating true rain right before the start time of my Rachio schedule. Could be because of Rachio’s seasonal adjustment making my schedule to 0 minutes, I don’t see any benefit so far of the rain sensor other than it is cool to see if there is true rain or not outside short of me looking outside the window lol.

@RoarinRow‌ We currently don’t track if a schedule was skipped due to a physical rain sensor engaging. That’s a great feature and I am putting that in our backlog for our mobile 2.0 release we are currently working on. That will be relatively easy to incorporate. Thanks for the feedback!

Perfect, thanks @franz looking forward to the update!