Rain delays...but no rain!


New Rachio for a new install. But one week in, it skipped a zone twice ‘based on soil and weather conditions’ according to the watering history/updates. The year-to-date summary has it listed as 2 rain delays.

But here in NorCal, there’s been no rain.
The on site details (soil, aspect, slope etc) seem inputted (is this a word?) just fine.
There’s no sensor connected that might have been wet.
The other zones weren’t skipped.
I have 3 other clients in a 5 mile radius using the same weather station who had no delays.

As it’s a new install, I disabled ‘climate skip’ in the weather intelligence section and 3 weeks later have had no more surprises.

Any ideas?

Hey @AnnM!

This is a climate skip notification, like you suspected. Are all of your clients on the same weather station? Climate skip uses weather data and zone settings to determine if it will skip.

McKynzee :rachio:

Yes, 3 clients, 5 mile radius, same weather station. No real differences in zone settings…clay soil, drought tolerant plantings on drip lines all of them.

Interesting @AnnM… if you could PM me the usernames I could review their accounts?

McKynzee :rachio: