Rain Delay Issue

I received this msg from one of my client’s who recently had us install his Rachio:

“While we are talking about “rain delay” one of the things I would like to see changed is as follow – when you activate say a one-day delay the system delays to the same time tomorrow as when you requested the rain delay rather than defaulting to the time you normally water which in my case is 2:15 am. So in order to get the system working in a rain delay I have to do it after 12 mid-night so it is at least conforming to that part of the Marco code.”

I still love the system!!!

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Odd request, they can turn the rain delay off, but 24 hours is 24 hours.
I don’t work for rachio so that is not their official response.

Maybe a 12 hour delay would be in order? I’m not a fan of redefining what 24 hours/1 day means.

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Thanks @ThompsonIrrigation and @plainsane.

These types of features should be possible once we finish work rebuilding our calendaring service. Definitely understand the desire and have it noted.

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