Rain Delay doesn't work

It seems like after the IOS update (9.3.x) recently my Rain Delay stopped working and even it shows rain from the weather station, it is not skipping the rain thus wasting water. Thanks

I’m a new user, therefore couldn’t tell whether it worked before, but I noticed the same today. My lawn got watered at 4am this morning (Flex Daily Schedule) although a precipitation of 0.22in was forecasted for today, which just came down (2pm). I hate to see quite a few gallons wasted :frowning:

Too bad we have to identify issues instead of tech support anyway. I’ve fixed mine by reseting the unit. Just unplugged and plug it back in and viola it works.

@xcampax, if you post a moisture level graph with details, we can most likely figure out why it watered this morning. Without seeing it, I would guess that your ET for the day was going to use more than the precipitation that was forecast, hence it needed to water. Or it may have been that the forecast changed after your system ran this morning.

Btw, I have the feeling the weather station is changing randomly when accessing the account from the phone and intermittently via the web interface. I am sure I did not select this MID_D4285 two days ago, but it appears in the above screenshot…

Have you clicked on the part of the weather station to view the link? I’ve sometimes had that change the weather station for me.

I can’t say with certainty, but I am going to guess that the weather forecast may have changed sometime after 3am this morning, or you got more rain than the original forecast predicted. If there had been no rain happen, you definitely would have watered since you were down to .07 in moisture balance The good news is now that you have the rain and the watering, it will be several days before you water again as you are only using .09-.14 inches a day.

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Ok this is getting annoying. It seems something about obtaining or processing the weather station data is broken. my lawn was watered two days ago, see screenshot above. We had some rain yesterday but it got watered again this morning! When I viewed the moisture levels, it did not show the rain yesterday at all! Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot right away. Then I clicked around, looked wich weather station I had configured, finally went back to the moisture levels - and, lo and behold, the data and graph has changed all of a sudden! Now it does show yesterday’s precip but not today’s irrigation. :frowning: Can you please fix whatever is wrong? Otherwise I’ll just go back to using the probably 20yr old controller we had before because THIS is not saving any water at all!

A very unhappy camper…

Btw, uploading pics on the phone app doesn’t work either. I’ll try to find a way to post screenshots of my app…

The web interface let me upload the pics finally…

I thought I read a post from Support where if a lawn is really low on moisture, it will water the next day even if precipitation is forecasted, because the precipitation isn’t guaranteed.

Looks like your lawn ended the 23rd with .07 in (14%) moisture. Next day was forecast to evaporate .14 in. So if they didn’t water, and the rain didn’t pan out, your lawn would have ended the 24th with -.07 in (-14%) moisture.

The Iro gave you some credit for what happened – the rain + sprinkler jumped the moisture level to 110%. A moisture level that high could give you savings by being enough to add an extra day between then and whenever the next watering is.


This is frustrating. We had nearly an inch of rain yesterday and my sprinklers came on this morning (flexible daily). I checked my weather station’s data and they showed rain, but the moisture graph for the station doesn’t show any precipitation reported. Why is that?

One of those rows in your ‘Moisture Level’ table is for precipitation. I don’t see any, suggesting that if the PWS recorded precipitation that information didn’t make it into your moisture tables.

Thank you. Exactly. So where might the problem be? This seems to be an issue.

Maybe @mckynzee can help with that one.

Yep, I live outside of Los Angeles. We had a good 2 inches of rain yesterday. I woke up to my sprinklers going this morning. I was pretty pissed, to say the least. This is the first rain we’ve had in over 8 months and I am still paying to water the lawn?

Contact support. I agree. This doesn’t look right at all.

Hey @adamkos and @matt8573-

Our weather provider has been running into some server issues as of late due to growing pains. I am assuming that is what caused these issues. If you could both PM me your usernames I can ask @franz to confirm.