Rain accumulation not being recorded suddenly

Have an original controller and up until a few days ago everything was working just fine. Watering was being scheduled at reasonable intervals, grass was doing much better than it has for a while. Scheduling was tracking rain and weather just fine, etc.

We’ve had heavy rain storms the last few days BUT the Rachio controller is not recording rainfall. At one point my water content in the soil went to 0% so I had to adjust the water content in the soil to reset things since we had just had over an inch of rain. Luckily I have my own rain sensor that has stopped the Rachio from watering when it thought the water level was low enough to water.

I’m using a government weather station located in a county park about 0.6 miles from my house that appears to be working just fine and I’m using Flex watering schedule. There has been NO rain recorded for the past several days even though it’s rained every day. Did anything change that the Rachio stopped recording rainfall? If the rain sensor is triggered does the Rachio stop tracking rainfall, if so why?

Hi Robert,

I took a look at your account and see that you currently have the Personal Weather Station MID_NJ23 selected.
I attempted to pull up the reported weather data from the host’s site, but seem to have encountered some issues: http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/search?site=NJ23

The issue may be originating from the owner of the weather station. If you are able to reach out to the facility I would recommend doing so to see if anything has changed on their end, and in the meantime you can select a different weather station. I see there are a few other PWS in your vicinity.

Thanks @mitchell

@rbakerpc Do you have a site (URL) showing the precipitation for that station? I can open a ticket with our weather provider if we can see data being recorded at the station but not being “fed” to our systems.

Thanks and have a great day!