Rachio3 with rain sensor


I had a rainbird wr2 working fine with my gen2, installed new gen3 and cannot tell if its reading ok from the sensor. Wired per instructions.

Is it pissible the rachio app can show the current status of the rain sensor if its activated or not? The sensor seems ok but no way to tell if the rachio sees it as currently activated or not.



If you tap on the History icon in lower right hand corner of dashboard this will show any rain sensor activations. In a future release coming soon we will have rain sensor status in a much more visible location.



History yes, however my problem with this is the last entry I have is that the sensor was activated, but the sensor itself says its NOT activated. I dont see a “deactiavted” in the history. So that leads me to believe that it somehow thinks its still activated.

Maybe a by product of first adding it to the R3, but no way to see its current state. Sensor is telling me one thing, but Rachio doesn’t tell me what it currently sees.


With an upcoming software release we will clearly show the current state of the rain sensor. This will be visible on the dashboard so there are no questions as to if the rain sensor is triggered or not.



Feature request. How about changing color of the fancy LEDs on the front if the schedule is currently set to skip from rain sensor or other? Ie: instead of blue maybe yellow or green? Or even dim or off the blue?


I like it :wink:



For some reason I do not think the Rachio3 is seeing a rain sensor deactivate. I fo see when it activates in the history and now i noticed that the sensor is NOT activated per its screen yet the last message I see in the Rachio history is that its activated. (No deactivated)


Additionally I no longer receive notifications when the sensor activates or deactivates. This used to work flawlessly on R2… total bomb on R3.



Going to have the team do some additional rain sensor testing. We will also be releasing software soon that will make the rain sensor status very visible from the dashboard.




I did some testing and at first thought things were not working since I wired to Common and S1.

We need to get the documentation up for R3. You actually need to wire S1 and -24 and things seem to work fine. Is your wiring correct, just a thought?


I also included a picture of new software (coming soon) that will show you the rain sensor status.


Still not working for me even though I have them connected per the R3 doc for the Rainbird WR2



Getting one of those in-house this week and will do internal testing and let you know what we find.




I’ve got a Rainbird WR2 as well and mines wired exactly like your picture and is working fine. It both activates and deactivates just fine.

Mine worked fine on my Gen 2 as well. You’ve got it right.



I pulled the green wire. When I did, the rain sensor deactivated. I put the green wire back in, it did not reactivate. I pulled the black and white wires on the -24 and that rebooted the sensor to which gave me a quick activate and deactivate. Still not sure what the current state is, only last it sees in history. If it sticks again I’ll try shorting the S1 and -24 wires to see if it trips…


Doing some testing for you @void64, will report our findings!

This is how you activate a rain sensor with no rain, right? :joy:


Well, or you could just short the sensor to ground with a small jumper. :slight_smile:

After I re-seated my sensor wires it has been better, I think, but still not perfect like on my R2.

R3 notifications seem hit or miss and history sometimes doesnt show if the sensor status changed.

The app update showing current sensor staus would certainly help troubleshooting.


Targeting early next week :wink:


How does one get a fancy Rachio pint glass?

And please tell me @franz is one of those cool tech company bosses with a keg in the breakroom…


PM me your address and we can get one (a couple?) sent out :wink:

We actually have a kegerator that is controlled with a Rachio. You pick zone 1 for one type of beer and zone 2 for another. Our hardware guru @brad built it. It’s been out of commision for awhile, we just haven’t had time to fix it. :smile:



Rachio Kegerator. We are totally that company.