Rachio3 / Weather Intelligence Plus not reflecting on soil moisture?

I’ve had my Rachio 3 setup for 3 days now and set to use Weather Intelligence Plus and NOT my PWS. However I notice that the soil moisture records and history continue to show precipitation data and weather data coming from my PWS ID for the last 3 days. hmmm. i’m trying to understand this, is it because this is the nearest station (obviously) to my home as I thought Weather Intelligence Plus was blending the data of many PWS’s in the area and other data sources to estimate such things as the rainfall at my location?

Anyway can we get a geeky article about how Weather Intelligence Plus works? What variables besides PWSs are used? Forecasts? Actual radar estimates of rainfall etc?


It would be cool to see a more geeky article than what’s in the FAQ!

How does Weather Intelligence™ Plus work?

Weather Intelligence™ Plus pinpoints weather within a 36 foot radius, then adjusts your watering schedules accordingly.

This reliable new weather technology is powered by combining data from national weather stations, more than 270,000 personal weather stations, satellite data, radar data, and more to provide hyperlocal forecasting accurate up to a 36 foot radius. Weather Intelligence™ Plus checks hyper-local weather sources minutes before your schedule will run, then runs or skips your schedules accordingly to save water and rescue saturated plants from overwatering. Never get caught watering in the rain again!

Wonder if because you have a PWS super local to you, it defaults to that as the hyper-local weather source?

Perhaps, but relying solely on one single PERSONAL weather station unless it is your own and you know it is accurate is the mistake weather intelligence plus I thought sought to avoid. Blending dozens or more surrounding PWS plus professional data and forecasts to create their “36 ft” accurate guess as to the weather averages out flaws and avoids the one “bad” PWS that bites some folks picking the closest station for their Rachio. In my case yes, ironically since it’s my own station it IS the best but I “turned” that off to see how WI+ would do (even though I assume it will use some of my data in its blend.) maybe it’s just a bug in how the table is generated and the underlying data is correct?