Rachio3 watered after heavy rain

It rained heavily for 24 hours here in Connecticut and the schedule still went off the next morning.

I have daily flex set to not water with the default of .125 in.

Is there a way to tell how much rain that WI is seeing on any day?

I don’t see anything in the history.

Thank you


Look at the moisture graph. You should see precipitation seen by the weather station you have chosen. If nothing is showing, chances are the weather station you have selected is down, or not reporting correctly.

As you can see, we here in Arizona are severely lacking precipitation…


I’m having the engineering team review, will get back to you soon.


Are you seeing that graph in the Rachio app? That’s what I was looking for. Or are you getting that from the web for the weather station?

Thanks, I found it under zones, soil moisture. Still trying to get used to the app. Just installed a few weeks ago.

It’s a great product, just need to get used to the interface!

Hi @BillD,

Sorry to hear about the watering event. We did some research into your currently selected Weather Station, KCTWINDS20.

After reviewing the data, it looks like you changed to using a PWS (versus interpolated data) this morning (under Weather Intelligence Plus settings). Data on 5/27 is actually interpolated (since you were not using a chosen PWS but interpolated data), that is why it’s different than what you see the station reporting. When changing weather stations, data in the past does not change, even though the label of the station is changed. If you had chosen the station two days in the past, the graph would have reported exactly what that station was reporting for precipitation.

In regards to how to view the rain data WI is seeing on any given day, you can do this by viewing our Soil Moisture chart within the Zone Details screen of any Zone used with a Flex Daily schedule. I have included and highlighted your data for the Front Beds zone below:



You guys are awesome. Thanks for the info.

I like that you guys can actually see my data and troubleshoot it quickly.

I was messing with the WI to see if I liked the interpolated data or a close station based off some other posts. Really changed the schedule. I 'm thinking about switching it back.

I replaced a PC with HomeSeer software and a serial controller with a Rachio 3 and I love it

IMHO if you find a accurate, available, nearby PWS that’s the way to go.

Awesome! :smile:


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