Rachio zone not working after putting in new valve

I just put in a new valve and solenoid. It turns on manually. I can’t get it to work through the app on my phone. Any ideas?

@Lindaorvis - wiring - are the connections good and using water tite wire nuts? Is the solenoid a 24 VAC solenoid and NOT a DC latching solenoid?

Well I checked the wiring and put on water tight connectors. I hear a click when I try to run it from my phone but the sprinklers don’t run. They only run when I turn on the actual valve.

@Lindaorvis - what’s the make and model of the solenoid that is in the valve? It needs to be a 24 VAC powered solenoid. How was the new solenoid wired in to the existing field wire?

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If you are hearing a click, then Rachio is firing the solenoid, but something is keeping the diaphragm from moving.

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It’s hydro rain and it’s 24 vac. Plus it’s a new valve. How do I get it to move the diaphragm?