Rachio Wifi not updating with iPhone? Read This

My name is Jay and I recently discovered that my Rachio was on an island (isolated from app usage) ! What that means is that the Rachio had its schedules and ran watering but little things over the last month stopped, like;

  • alerts
  • sharing for other family members

We have iPhone 11s which starts the story of issues you might not even know is an issue, yet! Started to look at the WIFI connectivity and found that my Rachio “island” device could not be connected to WIFI anymore. In order to resolve the problem initially I selected the wifi button to try and reconnect WIFI or press the stop button (Rachio 3) to reset WIFI settings but nothing worked.

What fixed it and why

Our family has Apple iPhone 11s that we keep the IOS updated. That apparently breaks the normal connectivity for your iPhone management. The Rachio app becomes faulty and no matter what you do you can’t wifi connect. Its not you! I decided to look for a way to connect to the Rachio using my PC instead.


The link above has the solving piece, a .bat script file.

  • Go to your wireless settings and choose the Rachio directly. After you connect run the script and enter the answers to a few questions. When the script runs it will very quickly place credentials in the Rachio and in my case it went from a blinking yellow to solid blue display.

See if that works, it did for me.


In the vast majority of cases where Rachio 3 ‘loses’ Wi-Fi connectivity, it is in a state where connection attempts fail, but it has not ‘forgotten’ the SSID (network name) and password. A simple reboot (unplug power, wait a few seconds, plug it back in) will allow it to reconnect.

Unfortunately, pressing the Wi-Fi button erases the saved SSID and password, so from that point on the only fix is to successfully re-provision the device.