Rachio Weather Forecast Way Off

So I just got my Rachio and have it configured to pull data from my Davis Vantage Pro 2 which is sending its data to PWS. The Rachio has my correct location, but is pulling a forecast that is definitely not mine (seems like its coming from 300 miles south of me). Support sent me an email that the forecast is wrong because of my weather station, which makes no sense. How does Aries weather provide a forecast? Either by zip code or log/lat I’d imagine. My location is 1000% correct and my weather data has absolutely no bearing on the forecast.

You can choose a specific weather station in the web app. Just putting in a Zip will likely grab the nearest airport.

If you select a PWS, it will have a link to the exact site and data e.g. http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/search?site=D7525

There are a bunch of articles to browse:


I had the wrong longitude when I setup the PWS and although I corrected it, Aries was still pulling the wrong data. Once I contacted Aries support they fixed the link to PWS and all is good.

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