Rachio Watering on Standby Mode



We have noticed our sprinklers have been on every morning when we leave for work at 6am when our system is set to standby mode. We also have nothing scheduled and rain delays on. Last night it poured and this morning yet again our Rachio was watering our lawn but does not send us any notifications or even recognize it watered. It’s like it has a mind of it’s own! We tried to unplug the system and toggle standby mode on/off and they continue to run. Does anyone else have this issue? This is defeating the entire purpose of buying the Rachio!




Our support team tried to find a controller connected to your account but could not.

Can you PM (click on my name and send message) your username and that will allow them to look into your controller events?

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I had the support team review your controller and everything looks normal on it. It does look like it ran for 30 seconds last Thursday. That might be due to an integration that was setup (IFTTT, Wink, etc. ?) that is running the controller without your knowledge, or maybe a zone was accidentally started through the remote? They checked the controller and it is in standby mode with no scheduled schedules at this time.

If you experience that behavior again please let us know and we will have our support team review your account.

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Interesting, so you didn’t see anything for this morning around 6:00 am CST when they were going off?


I PM’ed you a screenshot of the water history that the controller is reporting and do not see anything from today unfortunately.


It was on standby mode this morning with no scheduled run time when it came on. We noticed last Friday it did the same exact thing when on standby mode and no scheduled run time. We did not initiate this through the remote so I’m not sure why this is happening, but it is running up our water bill when we don’t need it to run so we need to figure out why this happening


We will continue to monitor the system. It is strange that it was running but no reported history. If the controller is online we should be getting those watering notifications.

If you have setup any third party integrations (i.e. IFTTT, Wink, Nest, etc.) please disable those as it could cause they system to run without your knowledge.

If you see any other odd behavior support@rachio.com can help with researching this issue.

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@Ajduren, thanks for reaching out and working with us to troubleshoot your issue. I believe you’re experiencing some wiring interference or a defective valve as the zone continues to run after the controller is unplugged.