Rachio watering in the rain. No rain skip

Last few weeks there has been few rain skip. See attached and advise please

@uhupong, what type of schedules are these? Fixed or flex? Do you have a PWS selected in Weather Intelligence and is it actually measuring rainfall?

Fixed with PWS selected and I can see rain amount and forecast exceeding the limit set. It works fine past 2 years, just starting to act up this year.

It’s not on fixed hourly is it?

It is on fixed hour and rain skip can overide the schedule

I’ve posted in this community a few times with the same issues. I think the Rachio only checks your PWS once a day around midnight. If it starts a cycle, mine waters starting about 1am, and you get rain during the cycle, the controller doesn’t know as it did a weather station check at midnight before the cycle and won’t check the weather again until the next evening. It’s not live like a rain sensor. I live in East Texas. We get pop up storms all the time. I have used (wasted) thousands and thousands of gallons of water this year. I think a conventional controller with a rain sensor would have worked better, and saved water and my money. I like the Rachio, I just wish there was some way for rain amounts to be read more often by the controller.

It doesn’t work with hourly in fixed. I tested it myself. I made a post about this somewhere. Change the schedule from hourly to one of the other options and it’ll work.

But it worked in the past 2 years. Why not working now I wonder.