Rachio Watering App Not Working

The Rachio Watering App stopped working. I cannot edit the schedules. The calendar shows no activities scheduled. The Home screen is blank. I deleted the app and re-installed it and the same problems exist.

The App asked for the our address unit’s serial number which I entered. The App responded “Unit appears to be already in use, contact tech support” or words to that effect.

I think the controller is operating to the schedule I last entered, but without the date of the event in the history, there is no way to tell if the history is current. I have long asked for the date of the events in the history to be included, but this request seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

I can run each zone via the App but that’s about all I can do. The website shows the controller is on line but that’s about it. No schedules appear and the calendar show the correct date but no scheduled events.

When the system is working it is great. Now, it’s only frustrating.to have lost control of the system.

If it makes a difference, there was a scheduled 4 hour blackout three weeks back when the utility re-wired our neighborhood. I did not affect anything else but I’m not sure how this would affect the App.

The History includes date information, but Rachio tried to be cute and uses different formats:
Today’s events show no date.
Yesterday’s events show ‘Yesterday’.
Events 2-6 days old show the day of the week.
Anything older shows the date as MM/DD/YYYY

It appears that your schedule(s) somehow got deleted. Did you have more than one? If you click the Schedules tab on the website, do any appear? If so, they may have just been disabled.

Thanks. I didn’t look far enough back in the History.

The controller is operating on the last schedule I sent it, but the App does not show any way to enter a new schedule. App or website offers no clue.

I’m thinking a factory reset might be in order. But how would that fix the App?

On the website, when you click Schedule on the left, do any schedules appear? If so, what happens when you click them?

Does the + appear in the lower right hand corner? If so, what happens when you click that?