Rachio Utility Bill Water Savings

How much water have you saved since switching to Rachio on your water bill?

What percent and gallons/liters, money have you saved?

What schedule do you use such as flex daily, monthly, manual?

What plants do you have?

I installed an 8 zone Rachio 3 in June of 2020 and use 7 zones all for cool season grass. I started using a Flex Monthly schedule but after about 6 to 8 weeks switched to a Flex Daily schedule. My water company bills quarterly - the bill for the July, August, and September quarter for 2020 was 22% lower than for the same quarter in 2019. But I think the savings was actually much more because in 2019 we were out of town for 30 days during the July-September quarter so no dishwashing, showering, car washing, etc. Watering in my area stops in October and starts up again in May so that’s all the data I have at the moment.

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I just saved 35,156 gallons and $241.52 in the June water bill compared to last year!

The June water consumption was 55,352 gallons vs 90,508 gallons in June 2020.