Rachio to Sweden. 2 x concerns


About to buy me a Rachio. (Maybe)

Concern. Gen 3. Transmitting on “Illegal” ISM band 902-928MHz. Can’t use it in Sweden.

Gen 2 i can use. But when checking PWS map tool on their website I have no weather station near me to use with accuracy. Way of my city.
Weather underground has a bunch of them near my house.
Gen 3 uses WU? Back to the ISM problem…

So questions. Could somebody with Gen2 use the app to check if there is any weather station located where I live? City is Eskilstuna in Sweden.

Is there any way to kill transmitter on Gen3?

Thank you.

@Arto - I would recommend using @Gene 's WUFYI.COM site - use the beta.wufyi.com - to have it port over a WU station that you like near your location over to the PWSWeather system that Rachio uses for the Gen 2 product to provide weather intelligence.

I’ll leave it up to Rachio to comment on if they are going to create a Gen 3 with different radio bands for the flow meter.


Cheers for your answer!
Yeah that´s one way to go. But to be honest I am not so keen to start to do custom “tweak´s” on a product to make it work properly. Like the idea to have a product work out of the box. These tweaks has a habit to stop working after a while for various reasons.

Gen3 would solve this issues though. But i have no hopes unfortunately that Rachio will do anything about the radio bands.
Seems like they are not interested in outside US business. After 3 generations and still no 230V options is the proof.

My only hope is there is more weather stations in the app than appears on the PWS website.
To bad there is not a possibility to demo the app without a controller…

Is there any way to demo the app?