Rachio + Tempest Integration (with existing Tempest station)

Been using my Tempest for over a year as my PWS. Have it set in Rachio too. What am I missing with this update ??? It already works fine

Seems like a nice feature for new personal weather station owners. This integration essentially bypasses WU’s weeklong QC process and steps required to first get your data to WU to begin with.
I still get many people reaching out, asking their data to be added to pwsweather, simply because their WU station was just created and not yet visible on Rachio / 3rd party map.
For those who already use tempest via WU, direct integration is unlikely to yield more than what you already have, at least at this time.


It’s always good to eliminate the extra cloud in the middle, and depending which API this integration uses, there might not be much of a cloud at all.


Thanks to Gene I’ve been enjoying this integration for about a year. I likewise would love to see a direct “local” integration without the cloud.

Wondering if there’d be a local connection to the Tempest hub. Any thoughts on this?

I’m in the same boat here, I currently have my Tempest talking to the Rachio controller via WU.

Just sent a support request for the “integration code”.

This is a weird approach from Rachio. :upside_down_face:

@bobbyD Probably standard WF api. Rachio doesn’t use weather data directly on the controller, all of the higher logic is handled in the Rachio cloud.
@scunny I doubt it, at least at first. Weather data would need to be routed to the cloud by the controller anyway, as it doesn’t have much local processing power dedicated to it at this time. With time, it may be possible that things like wind skip / pause would be handled locally.
@fpuig I’m sure this is mainly a cross promotion at this time. Wonder if the code ends up being the last 6 digits of the tempest mac address, or something similar. For now it’s likely mainly needed to help Rachio request the station info from the tempest.

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I have exactly the same problem. I live in Hungary (EU), I have had a Tempest device for more than a year. I would like to use this integration directly in the Rachio app (currently I can send Tempest data to Rachio via WU). I updated the app. I also found the option where the Tempest device can be configured but asking for the integration code.

In the newsletter, Rachio wrote that this integration is worth 50 usd. I wrote to customer service that I would like to buy the integration code for 50 usd, but they replied that they do not ship Tempest device to my country. But I already have Tempest. I don’t want to buy another Tempest device, just a code to use. I wrote this to support, but they haven’t responded yet.

Good thinking. It’s not :slight_smile: I tried tempest device id, station id, mac, serial number and a few other 6 digit numbers I could find and none worked. Lol

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I am not sure if Tempest Weather System by WeatherFlow | Rachio changed (it seems like it might have), but I am seeing the following.

Special early access to this new integration (a $50 MSRP) is only available for those who purchase a Tempest on rachio.com.

This would seem to indicate buying the Tempest from Rachio gets the integration for free. Existing or buying it elsewhere would need to pay $50 for the integration.

Honestly, I don’t have a problem if Rachio is trying to monetize their partnership, but they will need to bring something better to the table than current WU integration :slight_smile: Although, that’s not what Rachio support implied in the post I shared above.

I decided to pull the trigger and get one. I already got my order confirmation which has an integration code. This code does not look like a MAC address. My interpretation is that the code is what will actually unlock the Tempest integration in the Rachio app.

I was able to link the Tempest to Rachio with “hardware integration id” provided by the WeatherFlow Support. Hats off to both companies’ support staff for prompt responses.

Contacting Tempest for ID was easy peasy


My Rachio app says it supports Tempest, but off hand, I did not see where. I obviously do not have the Tempest yet.

Hi everyone. As always, thank you for your engagement with our community. We understand and apologize for the confusion. We are iteratively releasing a new weather feature set that will integrate the WeatherFlow Tempest station through a direct api-to-api integration and use its data, from your yard, as a full replacement weather source. In a future release, it will also serve as a real-time temperature, rain, and wind sensor that can adjust schedules, which will not be available through WI+ because the interpolated weather service doesn’t have access to real-time on-site weather metrics – this will be for Tempest only.

Some context for this feature might help. As you all know, Rachio controllers come standard with WI+ with the option to integrate single stations through Weather Underground, an excellent weather service that suits the needs of many of our customers. Rachio will never charge for this ongoing weather service.

However, some of you prefer to get weather from your yard for a variety of reasons, including variable micro-climate weather and long distances to reliable weather stations, and may be excited about real-time weather metrics driving schedules from a trusted sensor. To satisfy this group of customers we have built an in-depth integration with the WeatherFlow Tempest station to leverage yard-specific, reliable sensor data for more accurate weather and to build real-time features that wouldn’t be excellent without a fully integrated weather station.

This new weather feature set that goes beyond the standard WI+ and PWS support will be for sale for anyone that wants to purchase it in a future release. Currently, it is only available through rachio.com as a gift with purchase of a Tempest weather station to control the sale of this new feature set.

We have finished the integration as a full weather source at this time and we’re beginning work on a follow-up release that will include real time weather features. At that time, we’ll make it available to purchase in-app for people that purchase the Tempest outside of rachio.com.

This new feature set is not a subscription. And, everyone can also continue to use WI+ and integrate a limited set of their Tempest data through Weather Underground as a PWS if they prefer not to purchase this integration.

That all said, we understand that many of you have been with us for a long time and may have already purchased a Tempest elsewhere, and given this feature set is still being developed, we’d love your feedback to help us build great new features enabled by a weather station. If you already have a Tempest and want to participate, DM me.


@Thomas_Lerman You will need to download the latest release of the app. When your Tempest arrives, from the home screen, go back to the device list and click “add device”. There is now an option to connect a Tempest weather station.


I cannot wait to get the Tempest. Right after I posted my last post, I wondered if it was in “Add Device” and there it is (already had the latest release of the app). Thank you for the clarification with both of those postings, @drew_thayer!

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@drew_thayer Sounds like a fundamental change on how controllers currently operate.
Will this be handled in the cloud, or would local network settings need to make sure that tempest and rachio are on the same network? For example my current IoT devices (like Rachio) are on a separate wifi network which only allow internet access, without ability to see any other local devices (similar to a standard Guest network).
Don’t use Tempest at this time, running older 5-in-1 Acurite sensor(s), mainly because they are easier to calibrate for rain acuracy. That being said, I’m getting excited about Tempest integration. Once real-time support is up an running count me as a customer :wink:


I didn’t get the email from Rachio, but am also interested in the Tempest. I really dislike that my 5-in-1 Acurite can’t get the date and time from it’s internet connection, and hiccups back to Jan 1 of some year back almost every time the power goes out for bit (but not EVERY time of course – just likes to do it when I’m traveling!!!) and then thinks it rained miles of water.

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Yes, alas @Linn was the last one I’ve recommended 5-in-1 to. Acurite’s quality took a real downturn, and they seem to be racing to the bottom.

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