Rachio Swap

I have had a Rachio 3 (8 zones) in my house for a while now and I am very happy.

I am soon purchasing (and moving to) a home with a Rachio 2 installed (8 zones).

I understand that the current homeowner can transfer the Rachio 2 to my account so I will have all the zones as currently programmed, which is great.

However, I would like to swap the Rachios and install the 3 in my new home and leave the 2 behind with my current home. Is there anyway to “switch” the programming between the two? Or at least from the 2 to the 3 so I have the settings for my new home already programmed? I can then reset the 2 and program it with the old home if need be.

Sorry it’s so convoluted lol - any advice would be appreciated

I’m sure there is, but that is going to be a follow-up with support…maybe @laura.bauman can guide you to the right people?

Hmm…you should be able to, but it’s probably best to have support walk you through the steps if you’re up for it. 844-4RACHIO or support@rachio.com. Most likely you’ll just treat the 3 as if it were a brand new controller and transfer the settings.