Rachio support unreachable?

I bought a rachio 3 16 zone as I need ~10 zones. I then saw that costco has a 12 zone version for 80~ less and submitted a refund request for the 16 zone. They said 48-72 hours, it’s been 84 and no updates at all. I am trying to call them and have been on hold for 20 minutes so far with no update for wait time etc.

Is this the level of support I can expect to get from Rachio moving forward? Should I just switch to a dumb controller and avoid future headaches? I guess buying from costco means I can return a year from now if it breaks and they are still unreachable but this is a very bad signal.

FTR my order number directly from rachio was not recognized so the return took sending an email, waiting a week, then a 36 minute call (incl. hold time) and once you actually start speaking with an agent every time they put you on hold the hold music is a 20 second loop telling you about the fact that the online support site exists.