Rachio stopped scheduling

I have a Rachio 3 that has been running fine for about a year. It is currently set with 3 zones on two separate flex daily schedules.

Zone 1 and 2 are plants on drips and have their own flex daily schedule (lately watering every week or so)
Zone 3 is a Lawn on a separate flex daily schedule (lately watering every two to three days)

The last watering day for both was yesterday, but this morning on the home page and on the calendar page there are no more scheduled watering.

The weird part is that if I go to the Zone page and go to the Soil moisture graph of each zone, the Plant zones (1&2) show irrigation should occur on the 30th, and the Lawn zone say it should water tomorrow.

But nothing in the schedule.

Has anyone had that problem before?
I will wait for tomorrow to see if it actually waters the lawn or misses it.

For good measure, I did a shutdown of the controller and restart, and I redid the Wi-Fi network connection, but that has not changed anything, still no more future schedules

Have you double checked to make sure the schedules don’t have an end date on them?

You might try again . . . it seems the temperature was showing as 0 degrees up until a little bit ago. This may have affected it.

To Linn:
I did check the schedules, and they have no end date (never)

To Thomas:
What do you mean by “the temperature was showing as 0 degrees up until a little bit ago”
I am in CA, the Home top calendar shows today is 79/63 degree, and this week end is planed to be around 95…

For a bit this morning, the temperatures were showing 0 starting today, going forward. It sounds like you checked after it was fixed (or whatever was going on).

I am having the same problem. I like to look ahead at the ET for the week to double check RACHIO sees the heatwave or rainstorm in our forecast.

Well, This morning the lawn zone did water as predicted in the Soil Moisture graph, and despite not showing up in schedule yesterday.
Following that, scheduling appears to have resumed normally and is now showing up in the calendar.

Hopefully a glitch in Rachio’s servers and not a SW bug…

I had also notified Rachio via the App and got the answer below
"Thanks for reaching out. The problem related to the weather forecast has been solved. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns."