Rachio Smart Weather predictions in Mexico!

Hi there, Im interested on adquiring a Rachio since seems to be the best Smart controller on the market and I found directly on Amazon.

My main concern is that since Im outside US the weather prediction will not work properly, Do you know if this could be a trouble?

Thanks in advance

Pretty much it depends on the accuracy of the personal weather stations around you and how close they are to you. Worst case scenario you can always put up your own weather station to resolve any accuracy issues.

Thanks a lot Brett, Is good to know that there could be a back up plan! Definitely I will adquire one!


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@behemoth84 - check out pwsweather.com and see if there are weather stations near where you will be installing the Rachio that report precipitation, temperature and wind - as some weather stations don’t report precipitation. If the weather station that is selected for Rachio to use in determining whether to irrigate or skip a cycle doesn’t report conditions accurately it will impact the performance Rachio (either under or over watering). A personal weather station can mitigate that, but good data will require a proper site (i.e. no wind or rain shadow) and periodic maintenance or checking (e.g. rain sensor is clogged so it under reports, etc.).

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Let us know if you need any help when you get it @behemoth84!

One other tip- because you are international, you will not be able to use Flex Monthly Schedules or the Seasonal Shift feature.

Thank you @Dlane your feedback has helped me a lot, I actually review and there is no a weather station, nowIm researchig how to set up my own.

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