Rachio skipping because of Freeze. It’s not supposed to freeze

Hi, Everyone

Just received a notice that both my scheduled runs are skipping tomorrow due to “Freeze”

Rachio says “will be skipped due to freezing temperature of 34°” I have my threshold @ 35°. I just lowered it to 32° and yes it turned off the freeze skip.

What’s confusing to me is Rachio shows my temperature tomorrow at 63°/39°.

Right now at my house it’s 76° and the low today was 43°

Now today is super windy, currently having gusts of 15-20mph and just recently has a 35 mph gust

I know I can cancel these skips, but that shouldn’t be the case. I know Rachio is supposed to look at the upcoming forecast.

I have my Rachio set up on my pws. My Davis Vantage pro2

We use the hourly forecasted temperature to determine freeze skip.s

Hope this helps.