Rachio Says It Watered But Not Sure

So got my spiffy new Rachio installed yesterday. I ran it for the 2 zones that I have.

Got the schedule setup, and went about life. This morning it notified me that it watered… however it shows in the app (web) that it didn’t. Or didn’t update.

Living in Phx, kinda need to water everyday so things don’t burst into flames. And I can’t tell by looking due to how quick things dry here. Notice it says Watered for July 3rd. But says it ran this morning at 6am below. And the unit says it hasn’t run since yesterday when I got it setup.

scratch this post… the web app doesn’t sync/update as fast as the phone app. I hit refresh on the web app and now everything shows properly. I’d delete this post as if it never happened but can’t seem to do that…so awesome first impression I just made.

@trmentry Lol, we can leave the post to help someone else that might experience this same issue.

I’ll mark as solved. Happy 4th!


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