Rachio Randomly Stopped Working

I sucessfully installed a Rachio gen2 8-zone controller earlier in the year. After the install, I tested it and it was working fine.
This week I went to go start a manual program to water in some fertilizer and none of the sprinklers would turn on, despite the app telling me the program successfully ran.

It says the controller is online, the lights on the front are solid blue, none of the wiring has changed, no rain controllers hooked up, and the Wi-Fi hasn’t changed and was also working.

I unplugged the controller, waited 15 seconds. Then plugged it back in, waited for it to boot up and tried again. Same deal. Nothing with sprinklers happened.
I thought perhaps it was an issue with the manual mode, so I just let it run the normal watering schedule like normal after went outside afterwards, no water on the grass–meaning the schedule also didn’t run.
Water to the house is working.

What else is suggested I try? I’m am feeling very stuck and not sure where to go from here.

Do you have a master valve?

Can you turn a valve on with the manual bleed from a valve box?