Rachio PWS

Hello, I was looking for a PWS to set up in my backyard. I want to be able to have it connect directly to PWSweather.com instead of doing some rerouting technique from weather underground. What are some weather stations that would do this? I’m not so concerned about price.

It mostly depends on what you would be willing to do at home.

You can find many stations with pwsweather / CWOP compatibility, but these tend to require a constant ON computer running at your home, not very convenient.

Somewhat better method is to buy a hardware interface, Meteobridge being more common. Instructions on how to set it up can be found here (link). Such setup supports variety of weather stations, complete list can be found here (link).

As far as what exact PWS to get, it’s hard recommend not knowing your preferences. I’m aware of some issues with Davis stations, more info here (link), and while AcuRite 5-in-1 is perhaps the best value, it’s not designed to last as long as some others.

You can end up paying a good amount for a high end station, if price is really not an issue, I’d say go for it. Otherwise I’d recommend you consider a well priced station, such as 5-in-1 and just replace it in a year to two when it breaks. In long term you would still end up paying less than for a high end solution.


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