Rachio puts in work!


My mother in law asked me this morning how many trees I have at my house, and I told her probably 30? Boy was I wrong! Opened up Google maps to count and I’ve got 62 trees including larger palm trees! And that doesn’t even include 4 Palo Verde trees I’ve lost in the last 3 years (thanks Palo Verde beetles!) and 4 that I removed for various reasons…

I don’t even want to know how many shrubs I have. What crazier is to think how many were on the property at one time (I bought the house out of foreclosure so a number of plants were lost before i bought it). When i did a tune up of the drip system, I went around and plugged the drip lines no longer in use, and I plugged off at least 60 emitters!

And somehow my water bill doesn’t put me in the poor house! :joy:


That’s a lot of trees. :wink: Pictures? Who has palm trees?



Me! :rofl: Have a couple big Pineapple Palms, and 5 Queen Palms. Also have some Pygmy Date, Mediteranian, and Sago Palms that I didn’t include in the tree count.


If you need any help adjusting your system I might be up for a road trip.